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Welcome to the Castle Chess Club. We welcome players of all ages and abilities. Most of our events are what are called "Rated Chess". You need to belong to the United States Chess Federation, (USCF). We can sign you up here. You get a magazine and a rating after you play some rated games. This changes after every event you play. You get information on the national chess scene and can play in any event across the country. A rating is used to pair players and will allow you to compare yourself with any player in the nation.

The events we hold here are played with a clock. The time is set for each player and varies with the event. Ranging from 5 minutes for the whole game to several hours. The number of games per event varies from one game a day to 20. Some events are completed in one day and others go for days or even one game a week for a month. In all events you play every round win, lose or draw. We use a system called "Swiss" where winners are paired with winners and losers with losers to try to generate a clear winner.

You will catch on to how everything works quickly and we can direct you to other resources you might like. Coaching is available and books can be recommended.

Our state organization holds major tournaments about six times a year and up to 250 players participate. They have scholastic events with players from all over the state that draws hundreds.

The national organization holds some really large tournaments and some with prize funds reaching $1,000,000.

Whatever your skill level and competitive spirit we can help you find the games and players that will make chess a rewarding hobby.

Tuesday Night “casual night” at the Castle Chess club.  Roger Hale, club benefactor, says "Dan Voje, the club manager, is there from 6pm on until at least 11pm on Tuesday nights.  People just come and go during the evening, pick up games, and chat about whatever (roughly 98.5% about chess, however.) It is free the first time around but $3 per evening after that for non-members of the Chess Castle (annual membership is $120 which gives you a discount, normally $5 in every tournament you play in.)  If you have played tournament chess before, you will be very familiar with the routine (note: the Tuesday evening games are not tournament, rated games…strictly casual).  If you have not played tournament chess before, you may be a bit intimidated at first…as was I when I started about six years ago.  However, you will quickly get over that and will quickly get into the exciting, challenging, frustrating, stimulating rhythm of chess.  Come on in!  If no one comes up to welcome you, just ask for Dan and he will quickly get you into the scene.  We hope to see you soon!"



MONDAY: A three round robin (RR) format at Game in 30 minutes. ( Game/30) You play players of comparable strength. Register from 6:30- 7pm, and I will be doing the pairings right away, so we should be done by ten-thirty. Entry fee is $10 for members, $12 others. Prizes are $20 for 1st in each section. No one is stuck with a bye ever.

WEDNESDAY: A night of casual play where people gather to analyze games play Blitz (Game/5) and hang out. You should be able to get the basic information on the rules to get you started and ready for the other events. ( Keeping score, using a clock, tournament rules, chess etiquette and how to say "Checkmate" in Russian ).

THURSDAY: Four or five round swiss tournament, with a game played each Thursday of the month, starting at 7:30 pm. Castle opens at 6:45 Time control is game in 2 hours. Register: First Thursday, before the start of the first round. Entry Fee is $15 for members, $20 for others. Prizes: Winners get free or reduced entry next month, with participation counting towards an invitation to Club Championship. Most games done by 11:00.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Our main events day. Some one day events and some two day. The time per games varies as does the number of games played.


Three games, played at a time control of game in an hour + 30 second delay. (Note this means you are required to maintain a scoresheet for the entire game.) We divide into groups of four by rating and play round robins. Entry fee is $20 for club members, others $25. Prize for first place in each quad is $40. Register from 9:00 to 9:50 AM. Round times are 10 – 1:30 – 4:30. State (MSCA) and national (USCF) memberships required.

Ten games, swiss pairings. Counts on your quick chess rating, not your regular rating.  Time control is game in 8 minutes + 3 second delay.  Entry fee is $10 for club members, $15 other. Prize fund is half of all entry fees paid back out. Register from 11 to 11:50 AM. You play two games against each opponent, with a five minute break before the next match-up (20 minute break after six games). State (MSCA) and national (USCF) memberships required.

Seven games, (4 games on Saturday, 3 games Sunday). Time control is game in an hour +15 second delay. Prize fund is 70% of entries paid out, with several class prizes. Entry fee is $35 for club members, $45 others . Two half-point byes for any rounds; must be requested when entering. Register from 9-9:50 AM. Round times are 10-1-3:45-6:45, and on Sunday noon-2:45-5:15. State (MSCA) and national (USCF) memberships required.
Five games, swiss pairings. Time control is game in 90 minutes Saturday, game in two hours Sunday, with a ten second delay for both. Entry fee is $40 for yearly club members, others $50. Register from 9-9:50 am. Round times are 10-1:45-5:30; 10:30-3:30. Prize fund is 75% of entries, paid out. State (MSCA) and national (USCF) membership required.


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If you are interested in lessons we have several fine coaches in the area. They can get you started or improve your chess. They teach children or seniors. They are able to coach all levels. Feel free to E-mail them to get the particulars and prices.
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