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In the red brick Waterbury building on the NW corner of Central and Broadway in the Nordeast.
Phone to reach the club - 651.280.5473 or e-mail at
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  GMs in deep thought after first round draws.                                 Twin Ports' draw.                
                     Our club manager who won Jackson.

   Our Event Calendar ( a work in progress)            Upcoming tournaments.       
 Online registration.                           Click here for Results of our tournaments.

September 24 The Minnesota Blizzard are doing well in the Internet League. Next week they probably face two tough GMs. Good luck guys.
The TCCL starts on Friday at the new site. You can register online and avoid the last minute rush. 
Wesley So has been eliminated at the World Cup but still got a nice prize. Nakamura is on the ropes.

September 20 Dan Voje won the Senior Open with 3.5/4 giving up a hard fought draw to Mr. Bill. Nastassja ( show me the money) Matus won the Women's Championship.
The Think Next weekend is 6 rounds Game/60 with 30 sec. increment.
John Bartholomew has a new series on YouTube called Chess Cognition. Some local victims made this playlist.

September 19 Sioux  Falls is holding a tournament next weekend. Details below.
The Twin Cities Chess League starts next Friday so go online and register to avoid Friday confusion and delays.
The Blizzard drew all their games this last Tuesday. John Bartholomew annotates his game. You can watch a computer crush him on his YouTube channel. Internet Chess league.

September 14 This weekend while the seniors are playing, the Women's State Championship will take place. This is for Women of all ages and mean girls too.
Wesley So is off to a good start at the World Cup winning his first round knockout.

September 9 There will be a Think tournament on September 26-27th with the new format. Six rounds and a time control of Game 60 with a 30 second increment.
GM. Flores won the Region VI with 4.5/5. 70 players took part. Details.
The Minnesota Blizzard plays their games at the Castle. John Bartholomew faced IM Georgi Orlov and analyzed the game on a YouTube video. You can see more of John's videos on his YouTube channel.
September 1 Once again Nate Hoover won the Thursday night monthly tournament. Somebody must step up or Nate will get a swelled head.
The online registration has been a little slow for the Region VI. There is a large first place prize and a nice site. Details below.
Wesley So is having a tough time in St. Louis with the world's best chess players. But really interesting games.
Two weeks until the Senior Open to be held at the Castle Ches Club. Will Wilson make it three in a row?
August 26
The Internet Chess League got off to great start on Tuesday night with the Minnesota Blizzard beating the San Diego surfers. It was not quite a wipeout but Tang and Flores won and Nagle drew. Poor Saumik was out rated 400 points and lost. The average rating of the team has to be under 2400. The games can be seen here. They have a cool webpage with the games. Great organizing guys.
Rochester is out with the details of their Autumn tournament. You now have no weather excuse for not going. Scroll down to upcoming tournaments for the details. They have a webpage.

August 23
Wesley So is playing in the Grand Tour at the St. Louis Chess Club. The Sinquefield Cup has joined with The Norway and London tournaments to make a Grand Prix event. You can watch it live at several places including here.
.Meanwhile our own team Blizzard is preparing for the Internet Chess League. See picture above. The MSCA site has some details and you can stop at the Castle and watch on Tuesday.  Games start at 8:00 pm.
Dan Voje took clear first with a 4/4 score at the Jackson Open Super Reserve. Six players tied for second with 3/4.
Two weeks until the Region VI. Details in the Upcoming tournaments section.

August 17 Twin Ports was a big success. We had power outage on Friday do to the heat in Duluth. All of Canal Park was dark. I was in the elevator when the lights went out. Kind of scary until my wife pried open the doors. The Grandmasters had a tough first round. Giving up draws to Peyton Smith and Bill Murray. Peyton and Bill were then paired with the other Grandmaster in round two. This time the outcome was as expected. Not wanting to get too far ahead of the field Bartholomew and Yermolinsky drew in round four, This set up must win situations in round five. GM. Smith came through and won the event with 4.5/5. Three GMs and over 100 players will make this edition of Twin Ports hard beat. Kevin Gaustad won the U1800 section. Soshana Altman won the U1200. Thanks to Dane Zagar and all the Duluth guys and gals for putting on another great tournament. I can't wait until next year.  Crosstables.
26 players showed up for Monday night quads.
De Knudson and GM. Yermolinsky are resurrecting a Fall tournament in Sioux Falls on September 26-27th. Details.

August 9 Chessbase has a documentary on Boris Gelfand's World Championship challenge against Vishy Anand. Ed Zelkind was his coach as a boy. Pictured are Ed and his lovely wife Natalie.
Twin Ports Open is next weekend and 77 are already entered with two GMs and two IMs.

August 4
Andrew Tang finished tied for 2nd in the Denker. Sammy and Saikhanzaya finished in the middle.
July 31.
The National Championship Tournaments start on August 1st. Andrew Tang at the Denker. Sammy Narayanan playing in the Barber. Saikhanzaya Ganbaatar in the Girls Invitational. We wish them all good luck but especially Sammy as he trains at the club. It took some searching to find the crosstables as the sites were poor.

Nathan Hoover won both the Wednesday and Thursday night July tournaments. Next week we start the August edition.
Some information on the new Minnesota Blizzard chess team.

July 28. Catfish Days was a one day event this year. Still 19 players braved the corn fields and heat. Nathan Hoover took first. Results.
St. Olaf held their chess camp again this year and along with it a one day tournament. Jesse Kraai was undefeated and finished ahead of 75 campers and friends. Results.
The Castle Chess club held a Classic tournament. With a new format that based class prizes on the size of the class.  I like this. Alex Richter took clear first at 4.5/5. Dane Mattson and Kevin Wasiluk tied for 2nd-3rd.  Results.
The next two big tournaments are Twin Ports August 15-16th ( Entry goes up August 9th) and Region VI on Labor Day weekend. The Skelton is being planned for a later month. Details are in Upcoming Tournaments section and Online Registration site.

July 23.
Andrew Tang continued his winning ways.  He tied for first at the Pan American Junior Under 20 Championships. Taking second on tie break. You can see him in person at the Twin Ports Open in August along with two GMs.

In case you missed it, we now have a calendar. Click the link above or on the schedule page.  July 25-26th A new format 5Rd. Classic tournament.GM. Flores to play.
2. Andrew Tang won the State Blitz Championship.
3. The Monday Quads and Saturday Exerciser Quads are drawing well.  Be on time ( or early ) and join in the fun.
4. It looks like the Class Championships will be held in mid November rather than the usual Thanksgiving weekend. Wisconsin is holding their Martz Memorial on Thanksgiving weekend in Eau Claire this year. The Martz used to draw 100 players but has moved around in the recent past and now draws 30-40. The move might be a good thing for the Class.

5. GM. Bryan Smith ,GM. Mauricio Flores,  IM. John Bartholomew and IM. Andrew Tang are playing in the Twin Ports Open. Time is running out to get a room as Duluth in August is very popular. You can now register online. GM Smith will give a lecture on Friday Night. New announcement below.
  6. At the World Open Andrew Tang drew three GMs  but still finished out of the money.
Andrew Tang scored a victory against the legendary GM Artur Jussupow who is considered the third highest player after Kasparov and Karpov in the 90s. Above is a picture of his post game analysis with Andrew. This is the most memorable game to Andrew!

Jackson Wahl played in the U2200 and took home $370. Natassja Matus played up in the U2000 scoring 5/9 adding 1900+ rated players to the club. Check out all the Minnesota players here
7. Dennis McGrath sent the following tidbits:
 Perfection at the Thursday Knighter:  The big guns were perfect in the opening round of the July Thursday Knighter (on July 2).  In all 14 games, the higher rated player won.  Not so much as a draw by the bottom feeders.  With 5 rounds in the Thursday Knighter this month, you can jump in for the second round (on July 9) and still get in 4 rounds. Plus, with your half-point bye for the first round, you’ll already be ahead of half the field.

  Minnetonka GM Wesley So continues to prove that he belongs in the world’s top 10.  With a final round victory Sunday (July 5) over former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, Wesley finished in second place at the Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting in Germany. ( There is an English translation) ( CHESSBASE)   The tournament included a second-round victory by Wesley over GM Fabiano Caruana, who’s ranked No. 5 in the world.  Wesley currently is ranked No. 8 on the FIDE monthly list, but after the Dortmund result he moves up a notch to No. 7 in the live ratings. Of course he has a Facebook page. His comment on GM. travel:
"Want to know what the life of a chess professional is like? In a recent Facebook post, Wesley So, the Minnetonka grandmaster, gives a glimpse into what a world top-10 player goes through: “Finally home from 22 games in 42 days [in Europe]. This long period of travel and work was fun but completely exhausting. Won the Czech Trophy and placed second in the Dortmund Sparkassen. Played for team Clichy in France and we came in second. Planes, trains, busses, taxis, cars and too many hotel rooms. Connected with old friends and made new ones. I thank God who sustained me through both the good and bad days.” He is scheduled to do a lecture and simul at the St. Olaf Chess camp according to his calendar
8. Sean and Yana are pleased to announce the arrival of a future GM. See above.

MN Blizzard joins US Chess League

 We are proud to announce the Minnesota Blizzard joining the US Chess League! The team will be managed by Patrick Tang with assistance from Eric Bell.
Our team is lead by GM Wesley So (currently #2 in US, #7 in the world and 2014 USCL's MVP), GM Mauricio Flores (board 2 of the Chilean Olympiad team) joined by IM John Bartholomew, IM Sean Nagle, IM Andrew Tang and FM Kevin Wasiluk. It also consists of rapidly rising top junior players in the nation: IM Andrew Tang (#1 in age 15 and MN K-12 Champion), NM Andrew Titus (#16 in age 13 and the youngest master in MN) and Samrug Narayanan (#7 in age 10, MN K-9 Champion and the youngest expert in MN).
More information about the league can be found at
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It is time to think about our monthly tournaments. Both the Wednesday and Thursday Knighters will be starting soon. They are both 5 round tournaments.
John Bartholomew is taking a break in producing his videos. He has a vacation and an important norm invitational tournament coming up in July. When he returns he will make some changes and is looking for comments and suggestions. Check for details here and here.

There will be a one day tournament in Northfield in conjunction with the Chess Camp on July 25th. The OleChess Summer Open. There is also the camp.
Details for the Jackson U2000 tournament are online.

The details for the Catfish Tournament are listed below. It is a one day tournament this year.
2. The Second Gopher Open was a decent success. Details. GM. Flores took first. Our own mean girl: Gloria Friedman, won the under 1800. Jackson Wahl won a tough Sunday event. GM Muaricio Flores book is great. Chess Structures is the title.
3. Time to get a room reservation for Twin Ports.
Some chess punks are heading south to Chicago to play in US Junior Open from 6/12 to 6/14.
In additional to individual prizes they also represent Chess Castle of Minnesota and will try
to win the top club team prize. This is a rare opportunity for the chess punks to earn glory
for their senior friends. The players are:  U21: Andrew Tang, Jackson Wahl, Andrew Titus, Maor Lacker-Locker, David Floeder and Nastassja Matus
Team: Chess Castle of Minnesota

U15: Aaron Thomson, Josh French, Serena French and Joshua Titus
Team: The Chess At Play Club
Chess Castle of Minnesota won the top club team award in U21!
Individually Andrew Tang won second place. Maor Locker won 14th place.
Andrew Titus won top U15 prize.
There is an article and the results. Thanks guys!

 5. The Minnesota Blitz Championship will be held at the Roseville Oval on June 28th. Andrew Tang will play.
6.  There will be an Exerciser Quad on Saturday June 27th. Details on the Schedule page.  Back to list.

A seven round Think event on May 23rd-24th for those not going to Chicago.
The Second Gopher Open is coming up in a few weeks. May 30-31st. Rounds: Saturday 9, 2, 7  Sunday 10:30 and 3:30 This looks to be a great tournament with advance entries that include our GM. Flores.
2. I suggest you book rooms for Twin Ports and Catfish after checking the cancellation policy so as not to be sleeping in your car
3. The start of another month means the monthly tournaments are starting. Check the schedule page for details.
4. Rochester Chess Club has picked the date for their new schedule of big tournaments. October 2-3rd. Should be the same format. I will post the details when I get them
 5. Sean Nagle had to share first place with Kevin Wasiluk in the Second Grand Prix. Both scored 4/5. The format did not draw well enough and there will be some changes made. Thanks to those two and OK Iwu for playing. RESULTS.
6. GM. Flores has written a book on pawn structures that has received great reviews. Chess Structures is the title. John Bartholomew gives a YouTube review of the book on his channel.
7. MSCA has posted their tournament schedule for the coming year. The big change is the TCCL will be at a new location.  The tournament details and the site: Fantasy Flight Game Center.
8. Magnus Carlson talks about how he decides on a move.
9. GM. Flores easily won the Wednesday Knighter with a perfect score. Nathan Hoover did likewise in the Thursday Knighter.
If you are looking for a chess camp for the Summer you will find a great one at the Castle. This will be the third year we have held one. The teachers are Masters:Michael Yang and Kevin Bu. They  have gotten great reviews. You can find the details here.     Back to list.  .

1.At the left is Andrew Tang the State Scholastic Champ. He won the playoff with a score of 5.5/6. We wish him well at the Denker.
You can enter onlineRound one starts at 9:30. The State champ, Sean Nagle and Kevin Wasiluk and OK Iwu are playing.
3.An article from Dennis McGrath about Wesley So.  Here.
Ganbataar Saikhanzaya ( AKA Sia)  has decided to play in the Women's national tournament and is finalizing details.
5. Wesley So is playing in
the Vugar Gashimov Memorial,  being held in Shamkir, Azerbaijan. He is off to a good start and you can find the details on the Chessbase site.
   The Star Tribune has another article on Wesley So.
6. The Twin Ports information is here. Mark your calendar for August 14th-16th. You can make a hotel reservation and not be charged until you check out.
7. GM. Mauricio Flores easily won the Okoboji tournament. He was able to dodge our Masters from Duluth. 56 players total.
8.Still no word about Catfish Days. I booked a room with a cancellation option and recommend you do the same..
9. There will be another Wednesday Night tournament in May in case you missed the April edition.
10. Garry Kasparov and Nigel Short are playing a match in St. Louis. Day One and Day Two on YouTube.    Back to list.

( 3/29/2015)
  1. Again this year the State Scholastic was held at the St. Catherine University campus in St. Paul. The turnout was a little less but the competition was still fierce. In the K-12 we had a four way tie with the characters pictured at the top of the page. Maor Locker, Samarth Chakrasili, Jackson Wahl and Andrew Tang will play a playoff to decide who gets to represent the State in the Denker tournament for national honors and scholarships. Ganbaatar Saikhanzaya, an exchange student, created some excitement on her way to top Girl finish. Being unrated the boys took her lightly for the first four rounds. Now rated 2045 provisional.  They did not make that mistake in the last two rounds. She qualifies for the National Girls Tournament and will decide shortly if she can play in that. There will be a playoff for the second place girls at the club to pick an alternate. Our mean girls ( Nastassja, Gloria and Niki) at the club did well as we expected.
2. Samrug (Sammy) Narayanan won the K-9 championship and will represent the State in the Barber. Sammy plays at the club all the time and slipped by Master Andrew Titus to take clear first.
3. Thanks to Dan Voje and his extended family for once again running a great event. The scholastic would not run so smoothly with out them..
4. Check here when the tournament is rated.  Check back for more updates.
5. You can follow the US Championships and see how our own Wesley So is doing in his first of many attempts to become the US Champ. Scroll down once you get to the  game viewer and replay the games.
6. If you are looking for a chess camp for the Summer you will find a great one at the Castle. This will be the third year we have held one. The teachers are Masters:
Michael Yang and Kevin Bu. They  have gotten great reviews. You can find the details here.
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1.The Rochester Winter Open was a huge success. GM. Flores stopped by to class up the event and give our local Masters some competition. Taking first with 4.5/5 by drawing Jason Drake in the last round. Jason reentered after a sound thrashing by Dan on Thursday. Frank Johnson from up North and Scott Riester from Rochester along with Andrew Titus ( who joined the club) all lost at least one game. Jackson Wahl made it back to 2000 with his 4 wins and shared second with Maor Locker. Ian Stone won the Amateur. RESULTS. ROCHESTER CHESS CLUB. The next one will be in June so check back. Pictured are GM. Mauricio Flores and Matt Jensen.
2. It seems that John Bartholomew has been abducted by YouTube. While most people spend their time watching cat videos and pirated shows John has posted hundreds of chess videos. From commenting on his Bullet games while in progress to some lessons he covers a lot of material. I waste a lot of time watching Danny King's "game of the day" during big international tournaments but with John this has gone to a new level. If only I had known about this when I was working. So check it out.
3. If you want the games from the closed, MSCA has installed a game viewer on their site.

4. There will be a Wednesday night tournament starting in April. Check the schedule page for details.
5. Dennis McGrath has written an article about Wesley So for the StarTribune. You can read it online here. or find it in Wednesday's paper copy
.     Back to list.

( 3/8/2015)


1.The Castle Chess Club held its first Grand Prix tournament over the weekend. Sean Nagle scored a perfect 5/5 to take first and $250. Mr. Bill won the U2100 and $125. Dennis McGrath was the U1800 winner and took home $125. Roger Hale won $100 not for winning the U1500 but for making Sammy have to think for 52 minutes over one move! Sammy does not take that long for a whole game. Roger sacrificed a Knight to secure a draw in a tough position. Special thanks to all the Masters who showed up and went over their games even when they lost. I will post the details as soon as the date for the  next one is set..
2. The Rochester Grand Winter Open is in one week. March 20-21 depending on your schedule. Lots of schedule choices.  Masters play free.
NM. Frank Johnson has entered! Do you need a ride to Rochester? Dane Zagar will give you a ride. Down and back on Saturday. He is looking for someone to play on Friday in Minneapolis. Contact Dane at
218-409-5678 phone or text and work out the details. Tournament DETAILS.
3.  The round times for the closed are: 7pm Friday, 10 & 4:30 on Sat. Sun. Quiet spectators are welcome.
4. There will be a Wednesday night tournament starting in April. Check the schedule page for details.   ,
5. Sean Nagle repeats as State Champion scoring 4.5/5 in a tough field. Details.
Nate is holding a series of Quads on Saturday the 21st for those not going to Rochester. Check the Schedule page,
7. The University of Minnesota is holding their second Gopher Open  (or here) on May 30-31st. GM Flores and IM Bartholomew will be doing lectures and hanging out to add some extra class to the event. Several sections and a Sunday Game/45 at reduced entry. Dan Voje is directing.
8. I have reached out to James Kanne about Catfish Days, July 24-25th, but have not heard back. I suggest you reserve a room as you can cancel if you decide not to play.  There is the St. Olaf one day chess camp event on that Sat. so no matter what you will be able to play somewhere.
9.The Daily show did a piece on the US buying chess players to compete at the Olympiad. Not real funny. Of course they had the board set up wrong. HERE. The second part.  .   Back to list.  . 
1.The Minnesota Open was won by John Bartholomew and Kevin Wasiluk with four points each. They will join Wilson Gibbins and Sean Nagle in the closed playoffs along with Andrew Tang and Matt Dahl. RESULTS 3
Time to start planning for the Rochester Grand Winter Open and the State scholastic coming up in March. The club's first Grand Prix is also in March. First round starts at 9:30. 20 players signed up and remember the field is limited to 40.
3.Above is our club members at the Amateur Team tournament in Chicago. Report:
The Uncaptured Gang of Four, the only team from Minnesota attending the 2015 US Amateur Team North this past weekend in Chicago with a record 74 teams, tied for second
with 4 out of 5 and won the top junior team award! Entering as the 15th seed they upset the top seed in round one and only barely lost to an "amateur" team of three GMs in round
two. Above is a picture of the "gang" members Andrew Tang, Andrew Titus, Jackson Wahl and Nastassja Matus in action.
4.An article on Wesley So at Chessbase. Part two has now been posted.
5. The information for this year's Minnesota Scholastic Championship can be found here.
Tournament related questions should be directed to Dan Voje <651.280.5473.
6.The StarTribune wrote an article about Connor Quinn teaching seniors how to play chess
7. If you are looking for some photos of your favorite chess player you are in luck. Riaz has set up a site. It might take a while to load as there are a lot of photos. .
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A new tournament will be starting in March at the Chess Castle. A year long Grand Prix with five tournaments culminating with a championship playoff in December. You can play all or just some of the events. There are prizes and drawings for all. The details are here. or below.The tournaments are limited to 40 players as the club has only so much space.There are twenty players entered and they are strong! Enter early and often. Each event is a great value based on entry to payout and the time controls at Game/90 +30 is one you can actually set on your clock. If you have questions contact Mike Svenson  or Dan Voje at the club.
The Winter Open was a success with 110 total players. Andrew Tang won the Open with 4.5/5 drawing Sean Nagle. Results I found a weighted Black Queen at the Winter Open. It can be claimed at the Castle on Saturday.
MSCA is holding its yearly election for board members. Details on their site.  . Back to list.
A very exciting Club Championship was held over the Jan. 3-4th weekend. Matt Dahl showed up from out of the wilderness, bought a membership and sat down to play. Welcome back! Dr. OK came down from Duluth bringing Dane Zagar and the Judge brought his son Jackson. Along with some hungry Experts and a couple of little girls the stage was set for blood bath. Fast forward to round seven. The three Masters are tied for first with five points but have all played each other. There are five at four points. This sets up a situation where the top three can claim the title with a win and only secure it with a draw if all the others draw. Very sadly all top boards ended in tough draws. We now have three Club Champions. If the Experts had all won we would have had Six Champs! The winners are all great guys and the shared title was well deserved. The two little girls, Gloria and Nastassja, are climbing up to the 1800 level. You have been warned.
There is a nice article on our hometown GM. Wesley So on the Chessbase site and part two. They forgot to mention his wins at the Skelton. Back to list

There is more than just the Twin Ports Open ( set for August 15-16th, 2015) going on in Duluth-Superior! They have a web page and some other tournaments. Check out the Twin Ports Chess Club.

The Rochester Chess club has finalized their plans for the Rochester Grand Winter Open. It will be held on March 20-21st with the usual schedules. Read carefully. This is one of the finest tournaments in the state and they deserve your support. Masters play free. The prize fund is huge. Online Registration, Below.
We have a full lineup of chess for the Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday season. The Class is a MSCA tournament with a chance to win an entry into the coveted closed playoffs for the Masters and A sections. There is a two day tournament scheduled for December 20-21st. This may be a FIDE event. Then back to back Think format tournaments. The one on January 3-4th is the Club Championship. The winner gets his or her name on the club trophy and will be the envy of all their friends. This is open to club members and club regulars. Check with Dan to see if you qualify.
If you are stumped as to what to get for that special chess player on your list a club membership could be win for everyone. The player gets reduced entry at all club events and you get them out of the house so you can enjoy your self. Players should have this on their list!
The guys from Duluth stuck around for the Rapid Championships. Taking first was the good Dr.
Okechukwu  Iwu. Going undefeated in 14 games giving up three draws. Results. Back to list.
The Class Championships were a hard fought success. Wilson Gibbins, the State Senior Champ, took clear first in the Master/Expert section. He is now seeded into the State Closed Playoffs. In the Class A there was a three way tie and a playoff for the ticket to the Closed will have to be held. Once again Dan Voje did a great job directing.  RESULTS

John Bartholomew won the Bloomington Open with a 4.5/5 score. Giving up a draw to Sean Nagle. 126 players competed. The under 1800 section had three tied for first: Raghubar Tyagi, Ken Einarsson and the club's own Gloria Friedman. Glenn Panner was the organizer and director and did another fine job. He hopes to do this again next year, maybe in October with three sections. Stay tuned. Andrew Titus won the Blitz with a perfect score. Most of us had fun.
 Many times after a tournament our Moms or wives would ask if we had fun. At the club we joke about: did Carl Eller's Mom ask him if he had fun at the Super Bowl? If you are looking to reduce the stress of tournament chess or play for fun and creativity you can do that at the Castle. Nate Hoover has started a not-rated section in his Saturday Exerciser Quads. The result is not counted on your precious rating. Last week he had four Masters in the quad!  He will be holding another weekend Exerciser Quad in December. Check with him for details and low entry rates.  You can also stop by on Tuesdays for casual chess night. Pickup games and analysis. This is a good time for new players to get information on the Minnesota chess scene.
Check the schedule page for details for Sammy's Birthday Think, the Club Championship, the State Rapid Championship, a FIDE tournament and Exerciser Quads.   Back to list. .


Club Calendar



SEPTEMBER 26-27,2015
De Knudson and GM. Alex Yermolinksy are bringing back the Sioux Falls tournament. This was the Governor's Cup a few years back. I will get more details.



October 2-3, 2015 | Masters Enter Free
New Rochester schedule will feature spring and autumn events
Sponsored by Rochester Chess Club (RCC) and Mayo Clinic Chess Club (MCCC)
Chief TD: Matt Jensen.  Section TDs: Dan Voje, Jack Fulsom, Dennis Mays
Organizers: Matt Jensen and Dennis Mays
Premier (open to all): 5-SS. G/60, d5. EF: $50 ($60 at site). USCF required. Masters enter free.
$$ b/25: $500, $250, $125, U2000 $100, U1800 $100.
RDS:   2-day Rochester – Friday 7:30 P.M.; Saturday 10:00, <Lunch break>, 1:00, 3:30, and 6:00.
2-day Minneapolis – Thursday 7:30 P.M. at the Chess Castle.  Rds 2-5 see Rochester.
1-day G/30 d5 option: Saturday 10:00, 11:15, merge in round 3.
Amateur (U1600): 5-SS.  G/60, d5.  EF: $30 ($40 at site). USCF required.
$$ b/25: $300, $150, $75, U1400 $60, U1200 $60.
RDS:   2-day Rochester – Friday 7:30 P.M.; Saturday 10:00, <Lunch break>, 1:00, 3:30, and 6:00.
2-day Minneapolis – Thursday 7:30 P.M. at the Chess Castle.  Rds 2-5 see Rochester.
Reserve (U1200): 5-SS. G/30, d5. EF: $15 ($20 at site).  USCF required.
PZ: 1st-7th trophies. RDS: Saturday only, 10:00, 11:15, 1:00, 2:30, 4:00.
Bantam (U800/Unrated): 4-SS. G/30, d5. EF: $15 ($20 at site).  USCF required.
PZ: 1st-7th trophies. RDS: Saturday only, 10:00, 11:15, 1:00, and 2:30.
Site:  Mayo Clinic Harwick Cafeteria. 201 3rd Ave SW, Rochester, MN 55902.
Free parking on the street or in all public (not Mayo Clinic) parking ramps.
Enter the Harwick building through the east entrance on 3rd Ave SW.
Registration and Advance Entry
Advance Entry Website (preferred):
Advance Entry by Mail: Make checks payable to “Rochester Chess Club” or “RCC”, and mail to: Matt Jensen;
4527 Baraboo St NW, Rochester, MN 55901
{Cell: 651.492.4624,}.
Please include your name, email, phone #, section/schedule, USCF ID and any bye requests.
Postal mail entries must be received by September 28th for the early entry rate.
Thursday (Minneapolis) and Friday (Rochester) for Premier and Amateur, 6:45 – 7:15 PM
Saturday for all sections 8:45 – 9:30 AM.  Re-entry for Premier $30.